Trends 18/19

Harmony of contrasts

This is the concept that gave rise to the 4 trends themes in Collection Trends 18/19 representing a juxtaposition of contrasting designs, color shades, surfaces and textures.

Sometimes perfect harmony is achieved when contrasts meet.

A selection uniting intensive, pastel and monochrome colors; dark and light woodgrains; sophisticated marbles, stones and metals available in differing textures – from rough slate and high gloss to soft touch and subtle matt.

uni colored<br />designs
uni colored
woodgrain<br />designs
Worktop<br />designs
Graphic<br />Splashback designs
Splashback designs
Slim Line<br />designs
Slim Line
Acrylic Matt &<br />Acrylic Gloss designs
Acrylic Matt &
Acrylic Gloss designs
  • 14 uni colored designs
  • 18 woodgrain designs
  • 17 Worktop designs
  • 4 Graphic Splashback designs
  • 4 Slim Line designs
  • 6 Acrylic Matt & 6 Acrylic Gloss designs
We have taken inspiration from everywhere to create a range of colors that will engage your imagination and appeal to your emotions. From muted to very bright color tones full of character.
Creative meet practical with our Graphic splashbacks, which feature geometric shapes in earthy tones and repeating patterns that both look good and feel right.
Functional and good looking, our Slim Line worktops come in a choice of decors and feature a monochrome colored core that gives the perfect edge finish to any premium project.
Combine the look and feel of a solid surface acrylic in either ultra high gloss or smooth matt in a range of 6 contemporary colors.

Everything we do is geared toward transforming ideas into reality, so you can be certain that our diverse range has been developed with your aesthetic ambitions in mind.

Whichever theme you choose, you will always find complementary products and designs to inspire your creativity and help complete your vision.